What we do

We are an IoT company serving agricultural R&D and commercial productions. Our goal is to make high precision agriculture viable by providing affordable, easy to deploy monitoring and control systems. These systems require no wires nor special construction and can be used from anywhere on a mobile device or a desktop.


Datafly greenhouse products measure all environmental parameters in the greenhouse including soil moisture, soil and air temperature, air humidity, CO2 and light intensity. You can collect data about the conditions at each growing area or even individual plant ensuring the efficiency and quality of your greenhouse operations.


Our completely buried devices measure soil parameters allowing you to decide if the soil conditions are right for the next field job no matter where you are saving you time and money.


Our system allows our customers to irrigate each plant individually based on the plant's actual needs. The solution can be deployed over irrigation systems already in place giving uniform yield and more effective resource allocation.

About us

Who we are

Datafly Technologies was founded by industry professionals representing the computer, electronics, telecommunication and agricultural industries.


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